How to choose the right lithium-ion battery

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How can I select the best lithium-ion battery?

There are six key points! Different types of lithium-ion batteries have different characteristics. So, consider the following six points

  1. Voltage-source of power
  2. Energy density: Amount of energy stored in a given battery per liter or kilogram
  3. Charge rate: speed at which a battery can be safely charged
  4. Operating temperature range
  5. Service life
  6. Safety

What are the criteria for selecting a lithium-ion battery?

Let's consider for what you want to use a battery from the following perspective.

  1. Where:  In a frigid climate or inside a building
  2. For what: Robots , Automobiles , Vehicles and etc.
  3. How:  continuously for long hours or in case of emergency

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