DK-PW wall mounted inverter

Dimensions (mm)
Model P3200 P5000
Rated power 3200W 5000W
St andard woltage 24VDC 48VDC
Installation  wall mounted
Working madel MPPT
Ratedinput woltage 360VDC
MPPT trackingwoltage range 120-450V
Maxinput woltage (VOC)at lowesttemper ature 500V
Maxinputp ower 4000w 6000w
Number ofMPPT tracking paths 1 path
DC input woltae range 21-30VDC 42-60VDC
Rated mains powerinput woltage 20/230/240VAC
Mains p owerinput woltage range 170~ 280VAC(UPS model)/120~280VAC(in ver ter model)
Mainsinput freq uencyrange 40~55Hz (50Hz) ,55~65Hz(60H2)
Inverter Outputefficiency 94%
Outputvoltage 220VAC土 296/230VAC士296/2 40VAC土296(inverter model)  
Outputfrequency 50Hz土0.5 or 60Hz士0 5(inverter model)  
Outputefficiency >99%
Outputvoltage range Following input
Outputfrequency range Following input
Idle consumption at batterymodel <1%6(at rated power)
ldleconsumption at m ains power madel
Following input
≤0.59% rated power (the charger of main p owerd oesn'twork)
Lead xid battey Equalizing char ging 13.8V Floating charging13.7V(single battery voltage)  
Customized battery The parameter can be setaccording to customers" requirement  
Max mains power charging current 60A
MaxPV charging current 100A
Max m ains ch arging current 100A
Charging Three stafe char ging ( constant current, constant woltage,float)  
Low volage alarm Alarmingvoltage +Q.5V( single cellvoltage)
Voltage prolection Factory default: 10.5V (single cell woltage)
Over woltage alarm Equalizingchargin gvolt age+08V(single cellvo ltage)
Over voltage probection Factory default: 17V single cell woltage)
Recovery for voltage volage Over voltage-1V (single cell voltage)
Overload Ishort dircuit protecion Self-protectio n( battery mod el), cir uit bre axker or fuse ( main power model)
Temperature protec fon >90C cutting down output
Transfer time <4ms
Heat diss ipation Intelligent coolingfan
Warkting temperature -10~40*C
Storage temperature -15-60C
Alude 2000m(The powershould be smaller if the altitude is over 2000 meter)
Humidity 0-95%(No condensation)
Product size 420*290"1 10mm 460"304"1.10mm
Packingsize 486"370*198mm 526*384*198 mm
Netweight 8.5kg 9.5kg,
Gr 055 weight 9.5kg 10.5kg