3000 cycles DK-C wall mounted lithium energy storage battery

Nominal capacity
6 Years
Dimensions (mm)

TheCabinet/rack-mountlithiumionbatteryismadebyourownR&Dteam. Itis with high qualityLFP batterycells,andthesoftwareandhardwareinsideareprotectedbymanyways.Thedesignisvery niceandthelifespanisvery long. It adopts comprehensive and multi-stageprotection forthebattery cellsandalsoitusesmanyisolationmeasurestomakesure the battery is no fault.it works with solar invertercommonlyandcancreatesafeandefficientenergyforhomeandindustry.

  1. Standard rack design with 4U,Free combination,Easy for installation
  2. Communication:RS485/RS232/CAN Optional WiFi/4G/Bluetooth
  3. Customization of voltage, Capacity and dimension
  4. OEM/ODM Service

【Product introduction】

Model C4850 C48100 C48200
Specifications 48V50Ah 51.2V50Ah 48V100Ah 51.2V100Ah 48V200Ah 51.2V200Ah
Battery configuration 15S1P 16S1P 15S1P 16S1P 15S1P 16S1P
Battery capacity 2.4KWh 2.56KWh 4.8KWh 5.12KWh 9.6KWh 10.24KWh
Rated discharging current 50A 50A 50A 50A 50A 50A
Max discharging current 100A 100A 100A 100A 100A 100A
Working voltage range 40.5-54VDC 43.2-57.6VDC 40.5-54VDC 43.2-57.6VDC 40.5-54VDC 43.2-57.6VDC
Standard voltage 48VDC 51.2VDC 48VDC 51.2VDC 48VDC 51.2VDC
Max charging current 50A 50A 50A 50A 100A 100A
Max charging voltage 54V 57.6V 54V 57.6V 54V 57.6V
Suggested dod model 80%
Humidity 65±20%RH
Installation Rack/Cabinet installation
IP rating IP20
Max in parallel 15PCS
Warranty 6 Years
Communication Default:S485/RS232/CAN Optional WiFi/4G/Bluetooth
Product size 440*495*88mm 440*495*178mm 440*590*178mm
Packing size 555*500*130mm 555*500*235mm 480*650*220mm
Net weight 25kg 37kg 41kg 45kg 101kg 105kg
Gross weight 30kg 42kg 49kg 55kg 111kg 115kg