3000 cycles of white stacked household storage lithium battery

Nominal capacity
10.24KWh/15.36KWh/20. 48KWh/25.6KWh/30.72KWh
Dimensions (mm)

The DKS stacked energy storage lithium battery pack series is a high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery pack product designed and developed by our company Long cycle life, multiple protection of software and hardware, and exquisite appearance. Adopting comprehensive and multi-level battery protection and fault isolation measures to ensure system safety Full operation. Adapt to some photovoltaic inverters to provide efficient energy for household, commercial and other electrical equipment.

【Product introduction】

Single group capacity 5.12KWh  5.12KWh  5.12KWh 5.12KWh 5.12KWh
Combined type 2 layers  3layers  4layers  4layers 5layers
Stacking capacity  10.24KWh 15.36KWh 20. 48KWh 25.6KWh 30.72KWh
Standard discharge current 50A
Maximum discharge current 100A
Operating voltage range   43.2-57.6VDC
Standard voltage 51.2VDC
Maximum charging current 50A
  Maximum charging voltage 57.6V
 Recommended discharge depth 80%
 Operating humidity 65±20%RH
 Installation type Stacked installation
 Protection level IP20
 Maximum number of  parallel connections 15PCS
 Warranty 6year
Communication mode Default: RS485/RS232/CAN optional WiFi/4G/Blue
Product size 600*405*205mm(Single group)
Packaging ruler  600*465*265mm(Single group)
Net weight  65kg(Single group)
Weight 71kg(Single group)